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Thank you for visiting my Sims page! I hope you'll enjoy :)

*What can I say more?*

I'm a 14-year-old girl from Germany, wo loves to build houses at the Sims 3. My friends love my houses, they wanted me to share them with the world, and the result is this page!



Normally my houses are without furniture, just with necessary items that show you, which room that room should be ...

... But they aren't the same without downloads. So there are my houses WITH furniture, in ->Sims3Houses / Houses with downloaded furniture. But I have to upload them on mediafire, because they are too big for Jimdo. Sorry!

About my houses:

I love modern Houses, and you? I love playing Sims, but not with maaany Sims, so my houses are often for 1-5 persons. I don't know how you are playing, but you can renovate my houses, they are normally without furniture.

About my Downloads:

They are all free, so be happy ;D

About the needed Addons:

I've got:

•Sims 3

•World Adventures


... for some houses you don't need Ambitions, but i don't know which houses do or don't. Sorry.


Newest Set:


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